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How It Works

Salvage Vehicles & Parts

Westside Auto Dismantlers showcases new vehicles daily at our two salvage yards in California.

Our salvage yard - also known as a junkyard, scrapyard, or automotive recycler - is filled with various types of used or damaged vehicles, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, campers, and Medium/Heavy duty vehicles, that are no longer in working condition or are considered to be beyond repair.

Our specialty is offering all the parts you may need for your next project, repair, and more! 

Even though our vehicles are end-of-life vehicles, they are waiting for you to give them a reboot to a fresh start!

We are your source for all spare parts that your vehicle may need! Feel free to visit our Fresno or Visalia Locations to find specific parts for your vehicle at a fraction of the cost compared to buying new parts.

We are a Self-Service facility, customers remove the desired parts themselves, we do not offer Full-Service options.

Our salvage parts include components like engines, transmissions, doors, fenders, headlights, and interior parts, specialty parts and more. We are your affordable alternative to buying new parts, helping you save money on repairs and maintenance. Let us help you!
Rows of junk cars for self-service auto parts at a junkyard in Fresno
junk cars for used auto parts in Fresno

How It Works

When you arrive at one of our locations, you will sign in at the admissions gate and pay a small admission fee. You will then be provided a yard map to help you find the parts you need. We advise you to bring your own tools, so you can select and remove any parts that are available in the yard. 

Once you have your parts, bring them to a cashier team member in the front and pay with either cash or credit card. A warranty will be offered for an additional fee, so be sure to keep your receipt! Warranties allow you to bring back a part that isn’t correct for the correct one or store credit. Warranties are only honored with a valid receipt!

Please note that we do not provide cash refunds. However, we offer other options (i.e. credit, one-time free exchange, etc.) to assure you get the best parts available. Ask more about our warranties with one of our team members!

Self-Service Auto Parts

Our auto salvage yards are the best in the industry, and we are proud to provide such an experience while saving our customers money on the auto parts they need. 

Before you enter the junkyard, you will be asked to pay a small entry fee. This small fee helps maintain the salvage yard’s day-to-day environmental expenses.

Please be prepared and bring your own tools to remove the parts you need. Please also know that there are a few things we do not allow on the yard for your safety and ours. These items include alcohol of any kind, cores with oil, car batteries, jacks, torches or any items that can cause sparks, children under 18, and pets. 

Because of this, we will check all bags, toolboxes, and other containers prior to allowing entrance into our yards. If any prohibited items are found, we will ask you to take them back to your car before being allowed to enter the yard. 

This will be done with respect to our customers, and we appreciate your cooperation in our safety measures.

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